Thursday, March 13, 2008


Insectos, a spanish word we are becoming more and more familiar with. The biggest hindrance to getting our building ready to move into this week, has been ants and termites. Brian has sprayed and sprayed and they keep pouring out of cracks and holes. They have slowed down, but they aren't as GONE as we would like yet.... but we're hoping that very soon they will be a thing of the past!
Last Sunday night Rachel stepped out on the porch and suddenly started screaming. Apparently she got too close to a scorpion and he let her have it. If you know me, you know that this has been the one thing I have really been nervous about. But GOD IS GOOD! It got her right in the heel and I think because there isn't much meat there, she didn't get much venom. She was in terrible pain for a while, but she never had the numbness and tingling feeling that most people get. And by the next morning she was fine. So, it was a hard experience, but now I feel a little better about how to deal with this. I hope I don't have to any time soon or ever!
On the insect subject, pray that Andrew will stop scratching! I think he still has every bite that he's gotten here becuase he won't stop picking them long enough for them to heal. I make him wear pants most of the time so his legs are looking better, but his arms still look bad.
Thanks for your prayers. Keep it up! I'll write when I can! Still no internet a home!


Amy said...

So Happy to see an up-date!!! Te Ammo Mucho Grande (ha bet that wasn't spelled right) I Love You So Much!!! :-):-):-)

Janel said...

Oh Sara! I know how much you were dreading the scorpions! AAAWK! God is good... Hang in there.

It IS good to hear from you. We're still praying.


Linda J. said...

I was so sorry to hear that Rachel had been stung by a scorpion. I am glad that she is fine. I can imagine Andrew's arms and legs looking like yours when you all first moved to Maine - remember how bad your legs would look with all your mosquito bites? I am continuing to pray for all of you. Thank you for keeping us updated on this site!

Susan L. said...

I can't begin to tell you how often God brings you to mind. Even in the middle of the night! I know that God has great things planned for you. Maybe not always in the fun and exciting way, but the stretch you and mold you into the kind of vessel He can use way. How exciting that you have choosen to yeild to His leading. I have your picture in my office and in my kitchen--such sweet faces! I miss you all. I am so thankful for the net so that we can keep in touch! Oh, the bug bites--I have to agree with Linda, the first thing I thought of when I heard of Andrew's scratching, Sara, was your legs at age 12! Love and prayers to all.

TJ said...

Praying for Andrew! When I went to Mexico I looked as though I had some horrible disease my legs were swollen with bites. I went through much baking soda while there. I pray they stop biting him and allow him to heal!

Eek on the scorpion. I could not do it. I hear that you all and Alissa are doing great work. We are enjoying having Brenda and Jared back with us and getting updates.

Jayna said...

Hi, Sara.

Thank you so much for the updates! Sorry to hear about Rachel! That's terrible :( I'm glad she's ok.

Like Susan mentioned in an earlier comment, God has been bringing you to mind so so often. We are keeping you in our prayers as much as possible. The blog helps us know what to pray for specifically, which is great. We'll be praying about those "insectos" - hopefully they'll be gone soon!

It is amazing what you and your family are doing down there. We thank God for your service and your example!

hugs and prayers,